Yacht Owner's Guide

Our yacht guide is our tailored section that is solely aimed towards assisting yacht owners better understand the yacht registration procedures, terminology and services which are available to them.

Browse one of our following sections:

  • Maritime Advice – advice as to the flag of convenience that would best suit individual needs of the ship or yacht owner
  • Purchase Checklist – see our checklist which will guide you on the complete yacht registration process and requirements
  • Yacht FAQ – view our frequently asked questions relating to marine regulation, marine finance, yacht and marine insurance, yacht registration and shipping laws.
  • Yachting Glossary – browse through the most popular Yachting terms, Marine terms, as well as their definitions
  • Knowledge Base – browse through our comprehensive range of key topics relating specifically to yacht registration and marine services
  • Why Register Offshore – see the main reasons as to why you would require yacht registration