Popular Yachting Terminology

As a yacht owner or sailing enthusiast, is it important that you know some of the most commonly used yachting terminology. Understanding certain terms and phrases will help you to become more familiar with the industry, and will enable you to join sailing clubs where such terms are often used.

Yacht and sailing terms

Below are some of the most commonly used yachting terms that every boat owner and sailing enthusiast should be aware of (this list is not exhaustive)…

ABOARD – on the boat

ABOVE DECK – on the deck of the vessel

AGROUND – touching the bottom of the water (touching the floor)

AIDS TO NAVIGATION – artificial objects used to supplement natural landmarks to convey both safe and unsafe areas of water

BOW – the front or forward section of the boat

BUOY – a bright colored float used for marking a position or hazard on the water, or for mooring.

CAST OFF – to let go of something

COURSE – refers to the direction a boat is steered

EBB – a receding current

GALLEY – this is the kitchen area of a boat

HULL – is the main body of a vessel

KNOT – this usually refers to the measurement of speed equal to one nautical mile (6076 feet) per hour. However, it can also refer to the method of attaching a rope or line.

LOG – is a record of courses or operation

MOORING – the securing of a boat to a mooring buoy or a pier

PORT – left side of a boat looking forward

STARBOARD – right side of a boat when looking forward

SKIPPER – is the captain of a ship