Why obtain Maritime Finance

Obtaining maritime finance has become one of the most popular and beneficial methods in acquiring your dream yacht, ship or other vessel.  Typically, maritime finance is sought when purchasing a yacht or ship, while the vessel purchaser can enjoy additional benefits in addition. With the increasingly bespoke maritime finance repayment plans on offer, many individuals and companies are seeking maritime finance to secure their vessel purchases.

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Obtaining Maritime Finance

Obtaining marine finance is a necessary and advantageous acquisition when purchasing a yacht or ship or when refurbishing a vessel. Some of the many advantages include:

Economic and financial flexibility:

By obtaining maritime finance you have the freedom to use your savings or business assets for other investments. Rather than liquidating your assets or paying a vast sum of money upfront for the purchase of your vessel, you can obtain a bespoke maritime finance plan, thus giving you increased financial freedom.

Tax advantages:

In some flat states, the purchase of your vessel through maritime finance may enable the vessel to qualify for certain IRS tax advantages similar to that of home deductible mortgage interest.

Business expansion:

Maritime finance sought by yacht brokers will help them to expand their business operations and enable them to purchase new vessels and offer part exchanges.

Sensible business approach:

Obtaining maritime finance is an affordable and thus, sensible business approach to purchasing your desired vessel. Your maritime finance plan will also offer you realistic down payments with long financing terms.

Professional consultancies can provide you with the relevant advice and guidance when deciding on your maritime finance options. Most professional consultancies specializing in maritime finance consultancy can help you find the most appropriate maritime finance lender and maritime finance plan to meet your needs.