New vessel purchase checklist

When considering a new vessel purchase, there are numerous factors to take into consideration before any payment is made or sale of contract signed. Most notably, the main areas of concern for new vessel buyers are the price, and the condition of the vessel. Buying a new yacht or ship is a huge financial commitment and so it is advisable to obtain the assistance of a professional consultancy firm that specializes in yacht purchasing and registration, to ensure you acquire a vessel that meets your financial and personal objectives.

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New vessel purchase checklist analyzed

There are many factors to consider when you purchase any sized vessel, whether it is old or new, and whether it will be used for commercial or personal use. The most common aspects that most buyers consider when searching for a vessel to purchase, is the age and condition of the boat, the cost and maintenance of running it, and whether the vessel is within their financial budget.

It is imperative to find a vessel that meets your exact specifications, and a yacht dealership that offers an excellent level of customer service and good finance policies. In addition, buyers should consider the following points when making a vessel purchase:

  • Size and condition of the vessel
  • Location of the boat manufacturer
  • Vessel equipment and additional accessories on board
  • Waiting time involved in purchasing and obtaining the new vessel
  • Vessel warranty for repairs offered by the yacht broker
  • Determine whether marine finance is available to purchase the new vessel
  • Find out if the vessel’s service facilities are certified and factory trained
  • Establish whether the service technicians themselves are licensed and insured
  • Consider the initial deposit required for your chosen vessel
  • It is advisable to take the vessel for a sea trial if the yacht broker offers such services
  • Make sure you have all the required documents in order to complete the new vessel purchase

Due to the many factors that must be considered when purchasing a new vessel, and the difficulty in finding a reputable yacht broker that offers finance policies and good customer care, it is highly advisable to obtain the guidance of a professional consultancy firm to locate the most suitable vessel and yacht broker for you.