What is the Roads and Maritime Services

The Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is an Australian institution responsible for daily compliance and safety on the waters. Operational within the NSW region, it was developed in November 2011 as a merger between the Roads and Traffic Authority and the NSW Maritime. In addition to providing maritime services, this body is also responsible for building and maintaining road infrastructure, as well as for road safety.

Features of the Roads and Maritime Services

The Roads and Maritime Services is the NSW State Government agency responsible for activity taking place on both the waters and the roads. Although the organization is responsible for activity taking place both on land and at sea, its maritime responsibilities are vast to include the implementation of maritime safety strategies along with the delivery of customer focused services in an effective manner. The body is also responsible for testing, licensing, registering and inspecting vessels.

Roads and Maritime Services employ more than 6,900 staff in more than 180 offices across NSW. They cater to a vast range of customers including individuals, private organizations, community groups, local councils as well as State and Federal Government agencies.

Roads and Maritime Services maintain an Information and Records Management Section which keeps records across the entire spectrum. They are also responsible for providing several car ferry services, which are all toll-free and include services across a range of Australian waters.

In addition to the above, the RMS is also responsible for operating and maintaining lighthouses across a range of Australia waters. They have a comprehensive Information and Records Management department, which is responsible for record keeping across the entire authority.