Yacht registration with the LIYR

The LIYR – more formally known as the Lankawi International Yacht Registry, is an exclusive yacht registry based in Malaysia. It is operated by the Director General of Marine Malaysia and is the only International Yacht Registration in the region. The LIYR offers vessel owners the opportunity to register their yacht with an ‘open registry’.

How to register a yacht with LIYR

If you wish to register your yacht in the flag state of Malaysia it is important to first understand the registration process of the LIYR. Understanding the registration procedure associated with the Lankawi International Yacht Registry will ensure that your vessel is registered in an efficient and timely manner.

To register your yacht with the LIYR you must apply to the Director General of Marine in Malaysia by completing and submitting ‘Form A’. In addition to Form A, further supporting documentation is required to be submitted.

When completing yacht registration documents it is recommended that you seek professional guidance, as the required documentation can be relatively complex to complete. The additional documents are needed as evidence of yacht ownership and can be in the form of a contract of sale, declaration of ownership or builders certificate.

Required documentation for yacht registration with LIYR includes but is not limited to the following list:

–          Application form A

–          Documentation detailing proof of authority of agent executing the registration documents

–          Proof of yacht ownership

–          Proof of liability and other necessary marine insurance policies

–          Where transferring yacht registration to the LIYR, documents confirming the present government registry’s consent to transfer are required

–          Fees paid

–          ISM Code Declaration Form

–          Mortgage Recordation where necessary