The Bahamas Maritime Authority

The Bahamas Maritime Authority, also known as the BMA, is the marine authority for the Bahamas. It was established in the 1990s, and has since grown rapidly to manage a growing number of international vessels. Today, its responsibilities are expansive to include the registration of vessels under its flag state, the enforcement of ship safety requirements and the continual monitoring and improvement of standards.

Responsibilities of the BMA

The Bahamas Maritime Authority is responsible for registering vessels in the Bahamas flag state. Known for its young vessel fleet, the BMA offers many advantages to vessel owners registering their yacht or ship with them.

The BMA was established in 1995. One of its primary focuses is to provide ship safety and protection to all vessels operating under the Bahamas flag state and all vessels registered with the BMA. In addition to providing assistance and support to vessel owners, the BMA also provides support for the crew on board the vessel.

The primary areas of activity that the BMA are responsible for include:

  • Ship registration
  • Manning licenses
  • Crew licenses
  • Marine investigations in cases of casualties

The principle of the BMA is to ensure and enforce ship safety and standards while consistently monitoring marine standards and implementing enhanced frameworks. There are a number of reasons why vessel owners seek the BMA’s ship registration services:

  • The BMA is respected internationally for exceptional standards and practices
  • The fleet of vessels registered with the BMA is young, enabling standards to be continually maintained
  • Ship registration with the BMA will ensure little or no risk of problems with vessel inspections at ports
  • BMA is a member of the IMO

The BMA has stringent requirements when registering vessels and strives to maintain the highest of standards at all times. They have an excellent reputation for providing top quality international services throughout the shipping industry.