Langkawi International Yacht Registry

When purchasing a yacht it is important to bear in mind the flag state you intend to register the vessel in and the relevant yacht registry you will be registering with. If you wish to register your yacht in the flag state of Malaysia then you will need to apply to the Lankawi International Yacht Registry to register your vessel.

Langkawi International Yacht Registry responsibilities

Langkawi International Yacht Registry, also referred to as LIYR, is the official yacht registry in Malaysia for all vessels to seek official registration from. It is operated by the Director General of Marine in Malaysia, and focuses on providing yacht registration for all types of vessels, including full and interim registration.

The service is open to all vessel owners including individuals, joint owners, corporations and yachting entities and places no restrictions on ownership.

The main types of yacht registration that can be sought by applying to LIYR include:

–          Bareboat chartered yacht

–          Yacht under construction

–          Full registration

–          Interim registration

One of the main features of the Langkawi International Yacht Registry is that is provides an ‘open registry’, meaning that the registry does not stipulate any restrictions or limits with regards to the ownership of a yacht to be registered.

Types of applicable ownership for yacht registration with LIYR include:

–          Individual ownership

–          Joint ownership

–          Corporate ownership

–          Yachting entities

LIYR provides a favorable environment for vessel registration as it enables various types of registration, including full registration, interim registration, bareboat chartered yacht and yacht under construction.

The main service areas of the Langkawi International Yacht Registry include registration of mortgages, registration procedures, electronic documents, carving and marking of yachts, training and certification of crew, and yachting conditions for employment.