What is the Germanischer Lloyd

The Germanischer Lloyd (GL) is an independent third party ship classification company that is based in Hamburg, Germany. The Germanischer Lloyd was founded in 1867, and has since expanded its roles to include the classification of vessels as well as the organization of industry related research projects.

Features of the Germanischer Lloyd

The Germanischer Lloyd (GL) is one of the top five classification societies in the world. Its aim is to ensure that all vessels are safe at sea, and that they have been fully assessed and evaluated prior to being allowed on the waters. One of their main responsibilities is to classify ships appropriately, which involves inspecting vessels and certifying them accordingly.

The GL takes environmental awareness very seriously. Throughout the lifecycle of a vessel, they aim to ensure that all classified vessels meet with environmental standards to reduce and prevent pollution to the marine environment.

GL regularly updates and develops rules, procedures and guidelines for ship owners, ship yards and the maritime supply industry. They have an expansive list of vessels on their records, ranging from cruise ships, high-speed ferries, multi-purpose vessels, mega-yachts and sports boats. At present, GL surveyors examine approximately 7,200 vessels on a regular basis.

In addition to the above responsibilities and activities, the Germaischer Lloyd also plays a role in the design on vessels prior to their construction. As one of the top five classification societies in Europe, the GL provides expert advice towards optimizing the design of the hull, propellers and the engine, as well as providing training and guidance for crew. Further to the above services, they also provide training programs, and act as advisors to governments, flag states and port states.