What is a super yacht

A super yacht, also referred to as a luxury yacht, is generally a privately owned vessel that provides exceptional comfort and luxury to its passengers. Super yachts can be both chartered and purchased, depending on the needs of the client, and are typically expensive to purchase, with prices differing based on size, type and make of vessel.

Characteristics of a super yacht

Although many individuals and corporations continue to charter vessels for a range of purposes, in recent years, there has been an increase in popularity and acquisition of large, private luxury yachts. Super yachts are generally a minimum of 24 meters in length and are typically private vessels offering opulence and luxury.

Super yachts usually come with an onboard private crew, along with all the necessary facilities needed to sail on the waters. Yachts over the length of 24 meters must adhere to certain regulations due to their vast size and scale of operation.

Some super yachts are as long as 70 meters in length; and the longer the length of the vessel, the more expensive the running costs will be. The costs of registering a super yacht are extremely high, however a number of flag states offer favorable registration conditions for super yachts, including BVI, Cayman Islands, Isle of Man and Marshall Islands.

Although super yachts were traditionally perceived as being the ultimate luxury escape, today they are more frequently used for business purposes and other commercial means. Although the cost of chartering a yacht can be as much as 1 million euro per week, many business professionals choose this option to host meetings and other corporate events.

If you wish to obtain a super yacht that is built from scratch you may have to wait for years before the yacht is ready, however buying an existing model will provide the buyer with immediate access and use of the vessel.