How to be environmentally conscious

Being more environmentally aware provides a number of benefits to vessel owners. For example, vessel owners who are more environmentally aware can implement a number of measures that enable them to be more fuel efficient and therefore save money in the long run. As having a yacht or other marine vessel can be extremely costly, it is important to implement a number of measures to increase environmental management.

Environmental management explained

Owning a yacht or other vessel can be an incredibly expensive responsibility however there are a number of environmental measures that vessel owners can implement that will enable them to reduce their fees and overall expenses. As a vessel owner it is important to identify environmental issues and set targets for improvements where possible.

Although environmental factors within the shipping industry are becoming increasingly complex, there are a number of measures that people can take to reduce their level of environmental damage, including:

Ship Recycling

Suppliers, shipyards and ship owners can make use of information and tools that enable them to safely recycle hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

Environmental Passport

Acquiring an environmental passport means that as a vessel owner, you support the reduction and prevention of environmental impacts by improving maritime environmental protection. Many shipping companies provide support to vessel owners to enable them to effectively reduce environmental damage.

Protective coatings

In 2006 the International Maritime Organization (IMO) adopted revised standards for protective coatings on vessels. This new coating standard means that all vessels must be inspected and verified accordingly.

Emission Certificate

Before vessels are allowed onto waters they are required to undertake an assessment of exhaust gas emissions. A number of steps can be taken to ensure that vessels reduce their fuel emissions to the greatest extent possible. Those that pass the necessary requirements will receive an Exhaust Emission Certificate.