What is the role of the IRS

The Indian Register of Shipping, better known as the IRS, is an elite, internationally recognized and independent ship classification society. It was, founded in India in 1975, and has developed its services over the years to cover a broad expanse of professional and highly efficient services for all types of marine craft and structures.

For more information on the IRS or registering your yacht in your chosen flag state, please click on the following link to view our Classification Societies page.

IRS explained

The IRS, which is a non-profit organization, is India’s primary ship classification society that is recognized on an international basis. Its primary role is to provide professionally competent, independent and efficient third party technical inspection and certification services to all types and sizes or marine craft and structures. In addition, they have also expanded their services to cover a range of offshore and industrial projects.

One of the main roles of the IRS is to examine and classify marine vessels into their correct classification. From here, they are then assessed for registration with their appropriate flat state. It is also a member of the IACS (International Association of Classification Societies), and therefore issues certificates to a range of marine vessels.

In addition to the above, the IRS carries out the following activities:

  • Design appraisals
  • Conduct surveys and issue certificates on behalf of flag states
  • Perform duties as instructed by the International Organization Conventions and Codes
  • Advisory and supervisory services for ship owners
  • Technical support to ship owners
  • Damage surveys

The IRS is extremely important to the Indian government, as it acts on behalf of the government’s Maritime Administration. All services offered are of the highest standard and quality, and are designed to meet with international standards.