What is the Lloyds Register Group

The Lloyds Register Group, historically known as Lloyd’s Register of Shipping and today better known as Lloyds Register, is an independent 3rd party non-governmental organization responsible for providing risk assessment and mitigation services within the maritime industry. Lloyd’s register also has expanded its services to include other industries, such as oil, gas, energy and rail.

Features of Lloyds Register

Lloyds Register is an internationally recognized institution that describes, classifies and registers vessels according to a range of criteria. The group provides a wide range of services to vessel owners, including:

  •  Classification
  • Certification
  • Consultancy
  • Environmental Services
  • Marine Training

One of the main functions performed by the Lloyds Register Group is to determine a vessel type and decide upon its classification. In addition, the group is responsible for certifying vessels, and providing a range of risk management services to vessel owners.

Other principle services offered by Lloyds Register include determining the exact type of vessel at hand, and registering it within its correct classification. From here, the vessel will need to be registered with its appropriate flag state.

In addition to the above, Lloyds has expanded its maritime services to include a range of environmental services, including assisting vessel owners with ensuring that they are compliant, cost-effective and efficient. The group also supports vessel owners in enhancing their business performance and understanding all the applicable risks involved in their particular type of business.

Lloyds Register is a world-renowned and leading classification society that is used by vessel owners from across the globe. Many classification societies based around the world operate in line with the Lloyds Register Group, as it has established a strong reputation within the maritime industry.