What is a sailing yacht

There are various implications involved in purchasing as well as operating a sailing yacht, therefore it is imperative that you understand the factors involved. Individuals who wish to acquire a sailing yacht have a range of vessels to choose from, as there are a variety available for both purchase and hire worldwide. It is advisable to seek guidance from a professional firm experienced in the areas of sailing yachts.

Yacht sailing explained

A sailing yacht refers to any sailing vessel that is capable of taking part in a race, irrespective of its size. Typically a sailing yacht must be manufactured between 20ft to 98 ft in length according to the yachts purpose and type. A significant feature of a sailing yacht is that it utilizes a ‘low power internal combustion engine’ to enable the yacht to sail in a variety of sea conditions.

There are numerous categories of sailing yachts built, these include;

  • Day sailing yachts (generally 20ft in length with a centerboard and retractable keel)
  • Weekender yachts (generally 31ft in length with twin keels, can be operated in shallow waters)
  • Cruising yachts (range between 23ft and 46ft in length, complex design but typically high in comfort)
  • Luxury sailing yachts (generally 82ft or more in length with luxurious onboard accommodation)
  • Racing yachts (built for speed and structured to reduce wetted surface area)

Individuals are advised to enlist the professional guidance of a consultancy firm or yacht broker when buying or selling a sail yacht, to ensure the process is completed in compliance with industry standards and regulations.