What is a fishing vessel

A vessel that is designed to specifically facilitate and enable fishing operations on a large scale is referred to as a fishing vessel. These types of vessels vary in size, structure and price depending on the type of vessel that the purchaser requires. It is advisable to enlist the services of a professional consultancy firm when acquiring a fishing vessel to ensure that the process is completed in line with your requirements.

Features of a fishing vessel

Fishing vessels are manufactured and structured in a manner that allows them to conduct fishing activity. A fishing vessel can be a boat or a ship and used both commercially or privately depending on your business and personal requirements.

There are many different type of fishing vessels available, from line vessels and seiners to trawlers and dredgers. The primary types of fishing vessels are for the purpose of the following forms of fishing:

  1. Commercial
  2. Artisanal
  3. Recreational

The main material used in the construction of a fishing vessel is fiberglass or steel. Fishing vessels that are less than 25 meters are typically built with fiberglass, whilst most vessels more than 25 meters long are made from steel.

Individuals who wish to purchase a fishing vessel are advised to consider the type of fishing activity they wish to conduct – whether it is line style fishing or trawler style fishing. Other factors to consider before the purchase include the area where the fishing activity will be conducted, for example how rough the waters are. Other aspects that determine the type of fishing vessel include the following:

  • Price to run the vessel
  • Type of fish you want to catch
  • Size of your fishing team
  • Purchasing budget