What marine services can I enlist

When buying a vessel, it is beneficial to know which marine services are available for you to use. The registration of a vessel, obtaining marine insurance and finding an appropriate marine finance plan are all challenging processes to go through, particularly when you are unfamiliar with the necessary industry standards and requirements. By enlisting professional assistance from a consultancy firm, you can further ensure that you follow reliable and useful guidance and remain compliant with applicable laws and requirements.

Popular marine services to obtain

The purchase of a yacht or ship is a big decision for individuals or companies to make, and so it is essential the purchaser has the all the necessary information before entering into any legal contracts of sale. Similarly, it is prudent to seek professional advice before choosing a particular marine insurance policy or marine finance plan, as these types of contracts are usually long term and involve a high level of financial commitment from the signee.

Professional consultancy firms and marine brokers will usually specialize in providing a range of advisory services and assistance in the buying and selling of vessels. Many specialized companies will also act as an introducer to reputable and suitable marine insurers and finance brokers.

The most sought after forms of marine services typically include the following;

  • Yacht and ship registration
  • Advice on favorable flag states for vessel registration
  • Marine insurance
  • Marine finance
  • Advice on maritime compliance

There is no limit to the number of marine services an individual or company can enlist from a professional consultancy firm or yacht broker, in fact it is advised that you enlist as many marine services as you require. This will help to ensure you are aware of all laws, regulations and requirements to abide by, and will also ensure you obtain the most appropriate solutions to meet your specific marine needs.

The most popular form of marine service is yacht or ship registration. Irrespective of whether you are an experienced vessel owner or you have bought your first boat, it is prudent to seek professional assistance in registering your vessel as each flag state offers different benefits.

Depending on the vessel owner’s needs, some countries are more suitable than others are, especially in regards to favorable tax planning opportunities, low registration costs and bespoke maritime legislation. It is therefore advised to consult with a professional to find the most appropriate flag state for your needs.

It is vitally important that when enlisting the marine services of a yacht broker or consultancy firm, that you find a credible, experienced and reliable firm that is equipped to assist you with your requirements in an efficient and professional manner.