Scope of a yacht broker

Yacht broker is the term given to a professional specialized agent who acts as a representative for the sale of ships, yachts or other marine vessels. The role of a yacht broker is typically to facilitate the relationship and contract of sale between a yacht seller and buyer to ensure a legitimate and straightforward process is achieved. A yacht broker basically acts as a ‘middle man’ in the negotiation stages of buying and selling marine vessels.

Yacht brokers explained

Yacht brokers are regarded as specialized agents that act as a representative between the buyer and seller of a yacht or ship. The key purpose of a yacht broker is to provide impartial, independent and reliable advice and guidance to both parties involved.

The yacht broker can also be an individual who sells yachts or other marine vessels directly to their customers by firstly acquiring a range of vessels targeted at their intended audience. Their aim is to promote their yachts by providing a detailed description of the vessel and its condition, and publishing the advert online or in a yacht broker magazine.

A yacht broker is not necessarily an individual, but can also be a company. Whether the broker is a person or company, the primary aim of a yacht broker is to find the right vessel for their clients’ needs. The yacht broker will typically receive a commission after the sale of a yacht is agreed, and this commission issued to the yacht broker will be in line with the sale price of the yacht. However, where the yacht broker is also the owner and seller of the yacht, the fee will not be a commission but will be a price stipulated by the broker.

Yacht brokers are common in prime yachting locations such as the Europe and North America. Due to the competitive nature of yacht brokers and the various types of brokers available in the market, it is vital that you select the right yacht broker to help with your marine related needs. A professional consultancy firm that specializes in yacht and ship services can be of equal assistance to a yacht broker, or the consultancy firm can point you in the right direction of a credible and experience broker.