Danish Maritime Authority

The Danish Maritime Authority, commonly abbreviated to DMA, is the shipping registry and main marine authority in Denmark. The DMA has a number of responsibilities in relation to regulating and monitoring the shipping and maritime activity in Denmark. Yacht owners wishing to register their vessel under the Danish flag state are advised to consult with a professional consultancy firm for reliable advice and guidance throughout the registration process.

Responsibilities of the Danish Maritime Authority

The DMA was established in 1988 and is a government agency operating under the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth. Its purpose is to regulate maritime affairs in Denmark, which extends to conducting investigations for maritime accidents. The DMA is structured with a central authority and 8 survey offices. It also includes the Centre of Maritime Health and Safety.

The primary aim of the Danish Maritime Authority is to develop, monitor and promote the Danish shipping industry while also enforcing operational frameworks and conditions for a safe maritime environment. The agency’s focus and regulations apply to both merchant fleet and the fishing industry, however it should be noted that the DMA is not responsible for fishing vessel operations. Fishing operations in Denmark are regulated by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries.

The main responsibilities that fall within the scope of the DMA include;

  • Ship registration
  • Safety and navigation, prevention of terrorism, manning, occupational, and environmental health protection for the construction and operation of all Danish ships
  • Safety and supervision of port state control of foreign ships in Denmark
  • Ensure necessary training and education for seafarers
  • Employment, health and social conditions of seafarers
  • Enforce maritime laws and international industrial policies
  • Enforce, develop and promote shipping policies

The Danish Maritime Authority is responsible for, inter alia, shipping policies, maritime law, and civil service advice from the Department of the Ministry of Business.