Benefits of yacht registration with an EU flag state

One of the most important steps in owning a yacht or ship is to decide on which flag to register your vessel under. It is the right of every vessel owner to choose the flag state that will meet their personal, financial and business needs sufficiently; however the right to register a yacht in your selected flag state will depend on whether the necessary requirements and standards of that flag state are complied with. When deciding to register a yacht or ship, it is advised that you seek the professional services of a yacht broker or consultancy firm to guide you in choosing the most appropriate flag state and to speed up the registration process.

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Why register a yacht under an EU flag

Deciding on the flag state to register your yacht with is a vitally important decision to make and is usually based on the various associated benefits that the flag state can provide for the vessel owner. Depending on your specific vessel, operational, and financial requirements, you are advised to select the most advantageous flag state that will enable you to meet your needs and operate your vessel as desired.

An EU flag state refers to any flag state that is a member of the European Union. There are many reasons why vessel owners wish to register their yacht under an EU flag, one of the most prominent reasons is to enjoy a greater level of flexibility and freedom with respect to navigating and docking your vessel in EU waters.

All yachts and ships that are registered with an EU flag state have the right to freely navigate across EU state waters with fewer or no restrictions imposed on the yacht owner. In addition, many EU flag states are more lenient with regards to requiring yacht owners to have a head office in their registered flag state. For some EU flag states, local presence is sufficient without the need to have a physical presence of an office there.

When a yacht or ship is registered with an EU flag state the level of freedom is heightened in terms of having access to all other EU member flag states without restrictions or obligations imposed. One example of this is the right to moor your yacht in any of the EU flag states as there is no requirement to dock your boat in your flag state of registration.

A significant advantage to registering your vessel with an EU flag state is the lower on average costs. Typically yacht registration costs in EU flag states are lower than most other flag states worldwide. Further to this, yacht owners can enjoy a quick and efficient registration process.