What is a cargo ship

A cargo ship, widely referred to as a freighter, is a type of vessel that is built and used for the sole intention of carrying cargo from one location to another. Cargo ships are usually large-scale vessels that carry vast quantities of goods and materials between specific ports. If you are interested in engaging in the shipping business or you need to transport cargo from one location to another, it is advised that you seek the assistance and guidance of a professional consultancy firm that are experienced in all areas of cargo transportation.

Scope of cargo ships

Cargo shipping is globally respected as one of the most lucrative and largely operated industries in the world, and enables the easy and cost effective transportation of vast quantities of goods. Without the efficient running of the shipping industry, international trade would suffer and so it is vital that shipping companies comply with industry standards and applicable laws.

Cargo ships will usually transport goods and materials that are too heavy or big to transport in any other method, such as cars or building materials. Cargo ships can transport an enormous amounts of goods in a cost effective and secure way, and as such, shipping is the preferred transportation method among companies across the globe.

A cargo ship will have been designed (and built) for the purpose of transportation for particular goods. This means that cargo ships are constructed with all the necessary technical equipment, systems and other machinery on board, for the safe shipping of goods. Many cargo ships will have onboard cranes and other heavy machinery available to them, to facilitate the loading and unloading of the shipment.

The four main types of cargo ships are:

  • Tankers
  • Multipurpose vessels
  • General Cargo Vessels
  • Dry-bulk Carriers

The types of cargo ships vary in what they will transport. For example, a tanker will transport petroleum while a general cargo vessel can carry machinery, foods, chemical, furniture, and raw materials.

Cargo ships are generally very large in length and breadth with an expected life cycle of up to 30 years of service.