What is a marina

A marina is an area or ‘dock’ where yachts and other small vessels can moor for supplies, refueling or maintenance checks. Unlike a port, which accommodates large-scale passenger and cargo ships, a marina is a much smaller basin, which is usually home to a number of small luxury yachts.

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Definition of a marina

Usually a marina is a place where small vessels dock for a period of time by making use of the marina’s mooring facilities. Depending on the size of the marina, it will have a number of useful facilities that are made available for boat operators, such as maintenance and repair assistance, refueling conveniences and additional resources and supplies. The layout of a marina differs to that of a port as they are constructed on a much smaller scale with an emphasis on providing a safe haven for vessels to vest, as opposed to a large facility for cargo ships.

Generally speaking, a marina is designed to cater specifically to recreational boaters of a relatively small size. Vessels owners prefer to dock their boats in a marina to enjoy its sheltered harbors and available equipment and resources. Marinas are considered safe homes for luxury yachts and have a high level of security, thus giving boat owner’s confidence in docking their boats there.

Usually, to take advantage of a marina’s facilities, available resources and services, the vessel owner will be required to pay a fee. Marina fees will vary from one marina to another and may depend largely on its location and types of services available to vessel owners.

Types of resources a marina can offer to vessels include:

  • Refueling stations
  • Repair services
  • Washing services
  • Ship chandlers
  • Stores and restaurants
  • Medical clinics
  • Parking for vehicles and trailers
  • Boat hoist
  • Storage

Undeniably, the main feature that vessel owners seek when docking their boat in a marina, is the security services. Many of the boats docked will be high value vessels and so high security services and procedures are vital.