Buying a super yacht - checklist

It is important to consider the purchase of a super yacht in great detail as it is a huge financial commitment, irrespective of whether the yacht is a new build or existing vessel. There are numerous factors to consider before legally committing to a contract of sale and it is therefore advised to obtain the services of a professional consultancy firm to help guide you in buying a yacht.

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How to buy a super yacht analyzed

There are many key factors to consider that will influence the purchase of your super yacht, for example, you must evaluate your intended use for the vessel, and also your financial standing. Super yachts are widely regarded as one of the most expensive purchases an individual can make and so you must ensure you are financial stable.

You need to establish the type of super yacht you want buy, its size and the sale price that you can afford. A professional consultancy firm can help you analysis and evaluate your options and can also act as a credible introducer to reputable yacht finance companies.

The primary aspects to consider when purchasing a super yacht include, but are not limited to;

  • The credibility, reputation, and location of the manufacturer
  • Onboard comfort, space, equipment and accessories
  • Warranty
  • The price and deposit required
  • Yacht finance plan, interest rates and monthly repayments

When purchasing a super yacht there are many issues that can affect your rights for ownership, operation and registration of your vessel at a later date. By enlisting the help of an experienced consultancy firm, you can ascertain relatively quickly whether you financially qualify to buy a super yacht, and whether any outside factors will affect your intended use for the yacht and its registration.

When you buy a super yacht you are advised to go through a professional consultancy firm or an established yacht broker and it may also be appropriate enlist the services of a lawyer oversee your contract of sale. You should also have a marine surveyor to inspect the vessel you want to purchase to ensure it is sea worthy and valued correctly.