Scope of a marine surveyor

A marine surveyor is a qualified professional who conducts inspections of vessels and produces surveys and reports on the condition of them. A marine surveyor does not only monitor and survey vessels but also all of the equipment located on the vessel. It is highly advised that when considering the purchase of a new of existing vessel, you should enlist the services of a marine surveyor to conduct a survey and confirm the safety and condition of the vessel prior to purchase.

Marine surveyor explained

A marine surveyor inspects vessels and the equipment used on a vessel to ensure it is in sea worthy condition and valued correctly. In addition, a marine surveyor will conduct examinations to ensure a vessel meets certain industry standards and is certified where required.

A marine surveyor will typically conduct the following duties:

  • Perform surveys on vessels on an interim or annual basis throughout the life of a vessel
  • Conduct inspections and produce required by the IMO
  • Be a witness to tests on the safety of vessel machinery
  • Measure the tonnage of ships
  • Investigate marine accidents
  • Examine marine insurance claims

A survey conducted by a marine surveyor will include; the structure and design of the vessel, the vessel machinery and equipment and any other materials or accessories used on board the vessel.

Many marine surveyors are required in marine insurance cases, however it is also highly advised for prospective buyers of vessels to enlist the services of a marine surveyor, to check the condition of the vessel before they commit to the sale of contract.