What is shipbuilding

Shipbuilding is the formal name given to the construction of marine vessels. Under the scope of shipbuilding, marine vessels can mean any vessel capable of floating such as a yacht, ship, military boat etc. For those wishing to purchase a vessel built from scratch, it is important that you enlist the services of a credible and experienced shipbuilder, who will ensure your requirements are met, in line with marine industry standards.

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The definition and scope of shipbuilding

Shipbuilding takes place in shipyards that are built specifically for the construction of marine vessels. Normally, once the initial design and detailed design are completed, the next appropriate step is to actually build the ship, and this is performed by specialist engineers, marine experts and boat builders.

It is imperative that the vessel is built in full compliance with industry regulations, health and safety restrictions, and other quality standards; this will ensure the ship is certified and seaworthy for its intended use. Irrespective of whether the ship is to be used for private, commercial or even military use, they must still adhere to the same construction and quality standards when being built.

Shipbuilding is relatively large in scope and includes every stage of construction, after the designs have been finalized. In addition to construction, ship repairs and maintenance are also performed in a shipyard and will typically be conducted by the same specialists – shipbuilders, marine specialists and industry construction experts.

Shipbuilders, sometimes referred to as shipwrights, are vital to the sound construction of ships.

When enlisting the services of a shipbuilder, you should be aware of who the governing body is. Typically, shipbuilding will be the responsibility of the jurisdictions marine classification society, and it is usually their duty to supervise the activity to ensure compliance.

Depending on the jurisdiction, the term shipbuilding may be referred to as another name, such as naval engineering. Irrespective of the official title, the standards, procedures, and practices of shipbuilding will remain more or less the same across all jurisdictions.

If should be noted that not all forms of shipbuilding, repair or maintenance is required to be performed in a shipyard. Often times repair and maintenance is conducted on the vessel while at sea, however this is only where it is safe to do so, and the repair needed will not put the ship in peril at sea. Further to this, some vessels that require maintenance can be docked at a port, for the repairs to be done.

When seeking a credible shipbuilder, it is vital that you base your decision on their experience, credentials and ability to meet both your personal and financial requirements.