The Russian Maritime Register of Shipping

The Russian Maritime Register of Shipping is a classification society and commonly referred to as the RS. It is a member of the IACS – International Association of Classification Societies and operates in strict compliance with EU maritime standards including Regulation (EC) 391/2009 and EN 17020. When registering your vessel under the Russian flag it is important to be aware of the responsibilities and remit of the RS as this will ultimately affect how you can operate your vessel.

The scope of the RS explained

The Russian Maritime Register of Shipping performs all duties in line with the International Conventions and Codes ensuring that they meet the necessary standards to maintain and develop a reputable maritime environment. The RS aims to operate to the highest of standards and this is evidenced by their membership to the standard of ISO 9001 quality standards.

To understand the responsibilities, scope and duties associated with the RS it is advised that all vessel owners seeking yacht registration under the Russian flag, to consult with a professional consultancy. By utilizing the services of a yacht broker or professional consultancy firm, it will enable the vessel owner to obtain an independent and impartial professional opinion about the RS.

The main duties and responsibilities of the RS cover a broad spectrum of areas ranging from the issuing of certificates and reports to ships and offshore installations, to the controlling and monitoring of ships in line with standards.

Additional areas of expertise, which fall under the remit of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, include but are not strictly limited to the following;

  • Survey and issue certificates and reports for ship machinery and equipment including cargo handling gear
  • conduct tonnage measurement activities
  • Consistently ensuring compliance with the International Conventions and Codes requirements
  • Issue certificates on behalf of applicable government states
  • Survey and issue certificates for industrial products and processes
  • Ensure effective safety management systems are in place for shipping companies and vessels
  • All companies and vessels that are compliant with the International Management Code for Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention will be issued a certificate by the RS
  • Conduct analysis and monitor vessel data analysis from maritime administrators, port authorities, and vessel owners

The RS strives to perform all necessary duties and maintain responsibility for the safe navigation of ships under its scope of duty of care. With high quality standards and a solid commitment to the safety of vessels at sea, the RS is regarded internationally as a credible and sought after classification society for vessels to be associated with.