What is ship pollution

Marine pollution is broad in scope, but can be defined as harmful particles, chemicals and other forms of waste that are spread in the sea and which will cause danger or detriment. Ship pollution is a major cause for concern for vessel operations, marine agencies and environmental organizations due to the level of damage and suffering that ship pollution can cause to the ocean and everything using and living in it. It is important to understand how to avoid causing ship pollution and it is also beneficial to know what to do in the event of ship pollution. It is therefore advisable to speak with a professional consultancy firm who can guide you on all marine law related matters.

Ship pollution explained

There are many causes of marine pollution ranging from land run off to deep-sea mining, however one of the main sources of harmful pollution is vessels. The effect of ship pollution has on the sea and its living creatures can be extreme, resulting in suffering or death of fish and sea mammals and damage to yachts navigating the water.

Oil spills are one of the most common forms of marine pollution and can be highly toxic to marine life. Unfortunately, the affects of an oil spill can remain for many years, as oil is a very difficult substance to clean up.

Another form of marine pollution is the discharge from cargo carried across international waters by ships. Vessels actively discharge hazardous waste and illegal substances into the ocean that break the maritime code of conduct.

In addition to physical and harmful pollution caused by ships, noise pollution from ships is also considered to be a form of marine pollution. The noise created by ships is very loud and subsequently disturbs and unsettles marine life.

Most marine agencies are responsible for preventing marine pollution, minimizing the risks of ship pollution, and putting into action the relevant steps to remedy situations where pollution occurs. It is a focal point of most marine related organizations to reduce and prevent ship pollution due to the damage that oil spillages and illegal waste can cause the ocean.