Responsibilities of the Polish Register of Shipping

The ship classification society for Poland is known as the Polish Register of Shipping, also referred to as the PRS. Established in 1936 the Polish Register of Shipping is a non profit organization with an independent status.  If you seek ship classification services in Poland it is advised that you obtain the guidance of a professional consultancy firm to facilitate the relationship between vessel owner and the PRS.

Polish Register of Shipping explained

The Polish Register of Shipping was established for the purpose of developing and monitoring the marine market in terms of technical rules, regulations and implementing them on vessels. Additionally, the PRS provides risk management services, and will conduct specialist surveys for ships to ensure compliance and certification where applicable.

The PRS acts on the behalf of a number of state maritime administrations due to its well regarded image within the maritime industry. One of the most significant features of the PRS which elevates the ship classification society above its shipping register counterparts, is that it has its own scuba divers surveyors team that specialize in underwater inspections.

The primary activities as offered by the Polish Register of Shipping:

Development and updating of classification and construction rules – these rules are applicable to all floating vessels, marine structures and administration survey guidelines.

Conducting surveys for compliance – this is with respect to compliance with naval crafts, objects for security and defense, steel structures, construction of containers, manufacturing of materials, approval of service suppliers.

Provision of technical expertise and advisory services

Certification – including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, PN-N-18001, HACCP Certification and EU directives.

Industrial supervision – including supervision of steel structures, gas transfer pipelines, tunnels, land projects and hydrotechnical objects.

Other activities

The Polish Register of Shipping mainly focuses on ship classification and its scope expands to the following; sea-going ships and yachts, submersibles, floating docks, motor boats, offshore drilling units and inland waterway vessels.