What is the DNV

The DNV (Stiftelsen Det Norske Veritas) is the classification society located within Norway for the registering and monitoring of marine vessels. The primary purpose of the DNV is to safeguard life, property and the environment, in line with maritime standards. If you are seeking to register your ship or yacht with the DNV you are advised to consult with a professional consultancy that can explain to you the main requirements to satisfy to be approved registration.

DNV explained

The DNV classification society was founded in 1864 for the purpose of inspecting Norwegian merchant vessels. To this day the classification society has strengthened its presence and is the primary enforcer of marine standards for Norwegian vessels.

The main services provided by the DNV include;

  • Risk management
  • Evaluations on technical conditions of vessels
  • Registration
  • Implement and monitor standards

The DNV is a major player in the classification society industry alongside Lloyds register and the American Bureau of Shipping. The DNV does not solely operate within the maritime industry, the classification society’s additional industries include;

  • Energy
  • Aviation
  • Automotive
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Food
  • Finance

The main area of responsibility for the DNV is shipping, including vessel condition evaluation, risk management, and ship transportation. Within the maritime industry the main services offered by DNV are; consulting, maritime transport systems, ship classification, certification of materials and components, fuel testing and navigator services.

Across all of the main industries that DNV operate in, they provide a range of specialist services to suit each industry, ranging from classification and verification, to certification, advisory and software solutions.

If you are located in Norway or you wish to register your ship or yacht in the flag state of Norway you are advised to learn about the main areas of expertise and the primary standards that the DNV enforce as this may directly affect to operation of your vessel in Norway.