Responsibilities of the Croatian Register of Shipping

The Croatian Register of Shipping, commonly referred to as CRS is the official ship classification society of Croatia and was first established in 1949 as an independent non-profit entity. It may be important to understand the principles and responsibilities of the CRS if you seek ship classification or related services in Croatia.

Croatian Register of Shipping explained

As mentioned, the Croatian Register of Shipping is a nongovernmental, independent organization that was formed for the purpose of working within the marine industry. There are a number of main areas of expertise for the CRS some of which include, developing and implementing technical rules, and providing risk management and survey analysis on ships in Croatia.

The Croatian Register of Shipping became a fully fledged member of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) in May 2011, making the CRS a world known and widely respected ship classification society. Further to this, the CRS is recognized under the Malta Maritime Authority.

The CRS is certified by the BSI (British Standards Institution) and this is representative of the high quality management systems that the CRS employs.

The focuses of the CRS are as follows;

– Ship classification

– Statutory certification of ships on behalf of national maritime administrations

– Statutory certification of recreational crafts and of marine equipment

– Certification and registration of QMS (quality management systems)

The ship classification services as provided by the CRS aims to manage ships effectively to ultimately ensure safety at sea in terms of life, property and the environment. The ship classification society’s statutory certification services within the marine industry facilitate effective and efficient operation of vessels at sea. With over 50 years of experience in certification of safety management systems and products within the marine industry, the CRS has become a leading classification and certification organization worldwide.