Role of a marine surveyor

An individual who is qualified in the field of conducting marine inspections, surveys or examinations for ships and other vessels is referred to as a marine surveyor. It is imperative to enlist the services of a qualified and experienced marine surveyor when purchasing a new vessel.

Marine surveyors and their responsibilities

The role of a marine surveyor is extensive, encompassing tasks such as inspections and examinations of marine vessels. It is the duty of the marine surveyor to asses, monitor and report on the condition of the vessel, ensuring its safety and sea worthiness.

It is vitally important for both new and existing vessels to comply with necessary safety and certification standards. It is the responsibility of a marine surveyor to determine the certification of a vessel through conducting detailed surveys. The marine surveys are not exclusive to the vessel itself but also the equipment held on the vessel. Generally a marine surveyor’s examination will include the structure, machinery and equipment of the vessel to ascertain its condition.

The services of a marine surveyor will be enlisted when obtaining marine insurance. This is to determine if the vessel complies with the insurance policy. Additionally, with respect to marine insurance claims, a marine surveyor will be used to qualify what damage has been caused. Typically, a marine surveyor is a highly qualified individual with credential such as; accredited, certified qualified AMS and CMS.

The general responsibilities of a marine surveyor extend to;

  • Conducting surveys on a vessels condition and the equipment of the vessel for the lifetime of that vessel
  • Performing inspections to ensure marine standards are adhered to
  • Perform examinations and inspections in line with the IMO
  • Investigate marine accidents and marine insurance claims
  • Witness tests for safety machinery