What is RINA

RINA is the Italian ship classification society and was registered under the official title – Registro Italiano Navale. RINA is a founding member of IACS and is fully responsible to act on behalf of the Italian Administration as per the EU Directive 94/57. If you are a yacht or ship owner wishing to obtain one of the many marine related services RINA provides, you are advised to consult with a professional consultancy firm to ensure you obtain your necessary services in a timely, cost effective and professional manner.

RINA explained

RINA was established for the primary purpose of covering risks related to loss and damage of the rigging and hulls or sailing ships. With the aim of meeting the needs of Italian marine operators and vessel owners needs, RINA has developed and expanded its scope since its establishment and has now become an internationally renowned ship classification society worldwide.

As per the RINA Group, RINA S.p.A was established as a private body and operates within the marine industry to offer assessment, control, certification and research services in accordance with international maritime rules. RINA S.p.A is the parent company however there are also a number of subsidiary companies established.

Although not exclusively operating within the marine sector, RINA does have a well respected reputation for its services, development and dedication to the marine industry. With RINA’s primary activity being that of ship classification which issues a classification code to vessels on the basis of compliance regarding design and materials used, cargo and the intended use of the vessel.

The primary areas of focus for RINA are; ship classification, ship certification, initial ship design and construction, ship management and crew, shipyard safety, shipyard and vessel security, and finally, ensuring high quality of standards within the marine industry.

As mentioned, RINA has developed its scope considerably within the marine industry since its establishment in 1861 and now offers a host of related services including;

–          Classification of Naval Ships

–          Yacht Classification

–          Marine Services

–          Research Projects and Studies

–          Services for oil and gas