What is the world shipping council

The world shipping council, or WSC as is it commonly referred to, is defined as an industry trade group focused on representing the general cargo and container shipping lines. The worlds ten biggest container shipping companies are members of the WSC and it is wise to be familiar with the scope of he WSC’s activities if you operate in the shipping industry. By consulting with a professional consultancy firm you can gain a clear understanding of the role of the WSC and how it may affect you operating in the shipping industry.

World shipping council explained

The world shipping council (WSC) is a group of member shipping companies which focus on achieving solutions for global shipping and maritime transportation problems. The member companies of the WSC work in collaboration with the relevant government authorities in order to provide effective and safe solutions to maritime problems. The WSC decides on policies for international transportation and has a very active role in introducing effective maritime security programs.

Areas of focus for the world shipping council include but are not limited to the following areas:

– Establish new international convention on cargo liability
– improve customs information
– improve and enhance international technology standards for containers

The WSC was established in 2000 and is headquartered in Washington DC. USA. There are 28 member companies to the world shipping council and they strive to ensure safe and economical transportation of cargo on an international scale.

The council management is placed in the hands of highly experience WSC staff that have experience in marine environment, maritime security and international liner shipping to name only a few.