What is the USCG

The United States Coast Guard or USCG as it is more commonly referred to is a specialized branch of the US Armed Forces. The focus of the USCG is to enforce maritime security and protect and serve all maritime vessels. It is advised to know who the USCG are and what their main responsibilities are particularly is you have a vessel registered in the US or you operate in US waters. It is advised that you seek the advise and guidance of professional consultancy firm to gage a better understand of the USCG.

The USCG explained

The USCG operates under the Department of Homeland Security however on demand of the US President, the USCG can be transferred to operate under the Department of the Navy where required during a time of war.

The USCG has been operational since 1790 when it was first established by Alexander Hamilton.

The US Coast Guard has the authority to conduct and enforce military operations under the Department of Defense and in accordance with the United States Code.

The primary focus of the USCG is to ensure;

Maritime Safety
Maritime Security
Maritime Stewardship

The USCG is focused on maritime security to ensure that every action is taken to prevent intentional damage to vessels through acts of subversion, terrorism or sabotage. The USCG also engages in search and rescue mission, marine environmental protection, maintenance of rivers and aids to navigation.

The employees of the USCG are deployed on a daily basis to monitor and ensure safety of vessels and seamen on the water. However there are in fact 11 main statutory missions as enforced by the USCG. These are:

Non homeland security missions

– Marine safety
– Search and rescue
– Aids to navigation
– Living marine resources
– Marine environmental protection
– Ice operations

Homeland security missions

– Drug intervention
– Migrant interdiction
– Defense readiness
– Additional law enforcement