What is the role of the NSW Maritime

The NSW Maritime is a self funding Australian governmental organization charged with the responsibility for ensuring marine safety, regulation of commercial and recreational boating and oversight of port operations. The NWS Maritime is an important authority and should be researched particularly if you have a vessel in Australia. A professional consultancy firm that specializes in the maritime industry will be equipped to guide you on the obligations and responsibilities as set by the NSW Maritime.

NSW Maritime explained

The NSW Maritime as mentioned is responsible for the safety and regulation of both commercial and recreational boating while also being in charge of monitoring and overseeing port operations. In addition to this the NSW Maritime offers advice on maritime matters to the NSW government while also, supervising property management of the following areas:

– Sydney Harbour
– Newcastle Harbour
– Port Kembla
– Botany Bay

The principle behind the NSW Maritime is to ensure constant, effective and suitable activities are undertaken by the authority, which must also be in accordance with the relevant maritime laws and regulations.

The Governance Framework has been developed to ensure the management and control of the agency and its activities are both effective and appropriate, and undertaken in accordance with the principles of good governance.

There are 5 main areas of the NSW Maritime which include:

– Maritime operations
– Port, shipping and strategic property development
Policy, risk and governance
– Property planning and infrastructure
– Corporate services