NSW Maritime statutory framework

The NSW Maritime is the New South Wales Maritime organization responsible for ensure safety and control on Australian waters and ports. The organization is structured across 5 main divisions and strives to administer certain legislations in line with the purpose of the organization. It is imperative that maritime laws and relevant acts are enforced by the NSW Maritime and it is also important for vessel owners and port users to be fully aware of the authority of the NSW Maritime. A professional consultancy firm that specializes in the maritime industry can advise you on the statutory framework of the NSW Maritime.

NSW Maritime statutory framework explained

The statutory framework of the NSW Maritime is structured in such a way as to enforce all relevant and important maritime legislations and guide the organization on the areas of its responsibilities, obligations and rights.

The NSW Maritimes statutory framework is built up of acts and regulations which include the following:

Ports and Maritime Administration Act 1995
Marine Safety Act 1998
Maritime Services Act 1935
Navigation Act 1901
Marine Safety Legislation Act 2001
Marine Pollution Act 1987

The principle responsibilities and obligations of the NWS Maritime organization can be found in the following Maritime Acts:

Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979
Passenger Transport Act 1990
Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997

The NWS Maritime organization also operates its activities in accordance with their Code of Conduct and Ethics which can be found on their official website.