What is the Lloyds Register

Lloyds register is an independent 3rd party non governmental organization. The purpose of Lloyds Register is to provide processes to internationally recognized standards to vessels. They also intend to offer vessel owners a comprehensive risk management solution to ensure high levels of operational performance. Many jurisdictional classification societies use the framework of the Lloyds Register as it is one of the most renowned and leading classification societies in the world. To understand more about the best classification society to use, you are advised to seek the assistance of a professional consultancy firm.

Lloyds register explained

The Lloyds Register aims to register vessels in their correct classification and ultimately decides the classification of each vessel. The Lloyds Register is used worldwide and many classification societies based around the world operate in line with the Lloyds Register.

The principle of the Lloyds Register is to determine the type of vessel and register it within its correct classification. A vessel will then need to be registered with its appropriate flag state.

Although the organization serves many business areas, the main business area of Lloyds Register related to vessels is their marine business area which aims to set quality standards and provide classification for ships. In addition the Lloyds Register supports vessel owners in enhance their business performance and understanding all the applicable risks involved in their particular type of business.