What is vessel registration

Vessel registration is a legal requirement and ensures that your vessel is listed under a particular jurisdiction. Vessel registration is a vital step that must be made prior to the utilization of your vessel, otherwise it is subject to a number of legal issues and will not be protected from any problems or failures.

Vessel registration explained

Vessel registration is the next step you must take after the purchase of your marine craft. Vessel registration is very important as it ensures that your yacht is enlisted as a legal entity on international waters. It provides your vessel with verification of ownership and gives it recognition, both on the waters and when docked.

The vessel registration procedure is entirely dependent upon the jurisdiction that you register your vessel under. Each jurisdiction has its own requirements during the registration process. You must provide a detailed outline of your vessel, as well as all details of the owner and all individuals related to the vessel. Vessel registration also involves a number of fees, in order to acquire the license.

The time taken to complete vessel registration will also be dependent upon the jurisdiction you choose to register your vessel under. Upon completion and acceptance of the application, your vessel is automatically subject to the maritime laws of the jurisdiction you are licensed under.